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Experienced Real Estate Law Attorney in St. Joseph, MO

Real Estate Law AttorneysThe real estate group at Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle has vast experience in real estate transactions and disputes.  Whether you are an experienced real estate developer, a novice investor, or involved in a real estate dispute, the St. Joseph real estate law attorneys at Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle have the experience and skills to meet your needs.

What is Real Estate Law?

Real estate law is a wide-reaching area of practice that includes many aspects of property ownership. Real estate law also includes disputes over the ownership of property, partitions of property, boundary disputes, adverse possession, and many other types of litigation regarding real property.

Whether you are a developer, purchaser, seller, lender, investor, business owner, real estate agent, broker, or anything in between, it is important to acquire the services of an experienced attorney.

Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle real estate attorneys in St. Joseph can assist clients in the following areas:

Acquisitions, Sales, and Exchanges

Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle attorneys can assist clients with the negotiation, sale, acquisition or exchange of real estate. This includes tasks such as preparing and negotiating purchase agreements and financing documents, reviewing title commitments, recommending title endorsements, reviewing surveys, obtaining environmental studies, reviewing due diligence documents, establishing escrow instructions and ensuring proper procedures are followed.

Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle attorneys are also experienced in 1031 exchanges and other tax saving real estate transactions.


Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle attorneys are skilled at representing clients seeking financing, as well as the lending institutions that finance real estate transactions. We can assist in structuring, negotiating and documenting deeds of trust, mortgages, contracts of sale, sale-and-leasebacks, 1031 exchanges and more.


A partition action is a legal action where a person can force the sale or division of property owned with another party.  The legal rules governing partition actions are very specific, and the attorneys at Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle regularly handle partition actions and have the experience necessary to help a client obtain a favorable result.

Real Estate Tax Incentives and Exchanges

In addition to handling 1031 exchanges, the attorneys at Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle also have experience in obtaining TIF financing, CID financing, and other real estate development incentives.  Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle attorneys are also experienced in historic and other tax credits.

Land Use Regulations and Zoning

Attorneys at Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle are able to assist clients in land use regulation and zoning.  Our attorneys are knowledgeable about land use regulations and zoning requirements and can prepare and process local, state and federal permit applications and requests.

Neighbor Disputes

Neighbor disputes are agitating issues. Whether it’s a noisy neighbor, easement violation or anything in between, Taylor Siemens Elliot Creedy & Lyle’s real estate lawyers can help take action.

Adverse Possession, Quiet Title, and Title Disputes

If you are attempting to legally obtain title to a piece of property through adverse possession or quiet title, or if you have a real estate title dispute, our attorneys can help guide you through the process.

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If you are facing any real estate legal issues, don’t take chances with your investments. Trust the experienced St. Joseph real estate law attorneys to provide the guidance and support you need. Our team is committed to providing personalized and effective legal solutions to protect your property rights and ensure your transactions go smoothly. Whether you need assistance with buying, selling, leasing, or any other real estate matter, we are here to help. With our expertise and dedication, you can have peace of mind knowing that your interests are being protected. Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step toward resolving your legal issues.