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Insurance Coverage DisputesIndividuals and businesses purchase insurance coverage to protect their assets and mitigate risk in case unfortunate circumstances come their way. In this sense, insurance coverage allows you to sleep at night by providing peace of mind. Unfortunately, insurance companies don’t always behave the way they should. Through random excuses, tiny loopholes, and questionable exceptions, they sometimes find ways to avoid paying legitimate claims. If you or your business have been negatively affected by the irresponsible actions or negligence of your insurance company, it is completely within your rights to pursue legal action. At Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C., we have years of experience helping clients fight insurance coverage disputes and would be happy to take on your case. Let a St. Joseph insurance coverage disputes attorney fight for you.

About Insurance Coverage Disputes

The harsh truth of the matter is that insurance companies often have a self-interest to not pay claims. As businesses looking to turn a profit, many companies see claims as a financial loss, rather than just compensation.

Unreasonable or unfair conduct by an insurance company is often referred to as “bad faith.” Examples of bad faith insurance include:

  • Refusing to settle a case or reimburse you for the entirety of your loss (covering only a portion of the claim)
  • Failing to thoroughly and promptly investigate an honest claim
  • Unfair interpretations in translating policy language
  • Unfair denial of benefits
  • Termination of a claim that was rightly due

Because you are not in the business of insurance, you probably have several questions regarding claims and policies. If you feel like your insurance company has committed bad faith, but aren’t sure, we would be happy to review your case. Claims can be tricky, and it helps to have a trained eye reviewing the language of your policy.

Why Choose Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C.?

Choosing Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C., is a smart choice for many reasons. For one, we are founded on the core beliefs of personal attention, preparation, dedication and getting results. In every case we take on, these are our focus. By strictly adhering to these beliefs, our clients seem to find some common threads.

  • Our clients really appreciate the amount of personal attention we provide. It’s what makes our practice unique. We cannot confidently accept a case without first getting to know the story of our client. We take the time to listen, ask questions and connect before continuing.
  • Our clients respect our decades of experience. Between the lawyers in our firm, we have more than 100 years of combined courtroom experience. That means we are comfortable and confident in front of judges and juries.
  • We are willing to tackle the tough cases. If your insurance dispute is complicated and difficult, we are all the more willing to take it on. In fact, many of our best results have come from difficult cases in which we have taken on large insurance companies and corporations with enormous budgets.
  • We are dedicated to making our community a safer place for everyone. That’s why we so firmly believe in holding others accountable for their actions. If your insurance company is mistreating you with bad faith insurance, we want to know about it.

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