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St. Joseph Child Custody AttorneysThe effects a divorce will have on children is usually a couple’s most pressing concern when facing divorce. Overwhelming guilt and concern can take over when the questions of child custody and child support are considered. Most parents want to minimize the toll a divorce can take on their children. Our compassionate St. Joseph child custody attorney at Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C. couldn’t agree more. We work every day to sort out these issues carefully and fairly, so the families we represent can focus on healing together.

Factors Contributing to Child Custody Decisions

Many factors are considered when the court determines child custody including:

  • Each parent’s wishes for a parenting plan
  • A child’s right to maintain close relationships with both parents
  • The best interest of the child(ren)
  • The child’s wishes
  • Mental and physical well-being of each parent
  • The rapport with which the parents deal with one another

Kansas and Missouri courts don’t take into account gender, financial status, age or the sex of the child when determining custody. As a result, it’s important that an individual is seen in the best light possible and that their positive qualities are highlighted. St. Joseph child custody attorneys at Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C. have represented hundreds of clients who are facing child custody decisions and understand how to make this goal possible.

There are five different types of child custody in Missouri:

  • Joint physical and legal custody to both parents
  • Joint legal custody to both parents and sole physical custody to one
  • Joint legal custody to both parents and sole legal custody to one
  • Sole custody (both legal and physical) to one parent or the other
  • Custody or visitation by third parties (including grandparents)

Physical custody relates to the child’s home of residence, while legal custody refers to decision-making for the child. As long as it’s a healthy environment, the court encourages frequent and regular contact with both parents within a child custody arrangement. Whatever a client’s preference regarding child custody, the attorneys at Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C., walk them through the complicated process with ease. Our St. Joseph family law attorneys are committed to seeing the outcome that our clients consider most ideal.

Lawyers That Understand Family Law

Tensions and emotions usually run the highest when the matter of child custody is being decided. Tempers can flare and fear is prevalent when a parent is facing the loss of time with a child. Our St. Joseph child custody attorneys at MTSE are adept at creating an amicable environment where these issues can be worked through. But at the same time, we will be aggressive when it’s warranted and our client’s interests are in peril.

In a contested divorce, parents can attend a settlement conference in an attempt to agree on an arrangement outside of court. Our experienced attorneys have advocated for their clients in numerous settlement conferences and have seen their clients satisfied with the outcome. However, in cases where this end can’t be achieved, the court will schedule the case for trial.

When facing a child custody hearing in court, the advocacy of an aggressive attorney is paramount. Our attorneys are comfortable inside the courtroom and understand what is required. We have familiarity with the people in the Missouri and Kansas court systems and what they require for a successful trial. We work steadfastly to complete the myriad of filings and paperwork in a timely manner to meet all deadlines.

St. Joseph Child Custody Attorneys Standing By To Help You

Whether a client’s divorce is contested or uncontested and may go to trial or be settled outside of court, the attorneys at our firm have the expertise to strategically navigate through each scenario. Our number one goal is to see that our clients are pleased with the outcome of their child custody matter and that the family moves successfully forward. Don’t hesitate to contact Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C. for legal guidance, especially when the stakes are so high. Let us help you navigate through this difficult time of your life.