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Our Atchison County family law attorneys believe in the power of family and the crucial role it plays in our community. We are dedicated to providing exceptional legal assistance to families in need, and our track record of over 40 years is a testament to our commitment. Our team of accomplished attorneys bring extensive experience and a deep understanding of family law matters to the table.

We understand that family law issues can be emotionally challenging and complex. Whether you are facing a complex divorce, a child custody dispute, or pursuing adoption, we are here to guide you through every step of the process. We recognize the unique dynamics of each case and approach them with care, empathy, and professionalism.
With our wealth of resources and expertise, we are well-equipped to address a wide range of legal issues that families may encounter. We will work closely with you to understand your goals and priorities and craft a legal strategy that best serves your interests. Our team will provide you with the guidance, support, and representation you need to navigate the legal system and strive for the best possible outcome.

We prioritize your well-being and the well-being of your family. We are committed to providing you with personalized attention, open communication, and compassionate guidance throughout your legal journey. Let us be your trusted allies in resolving your family law matters, and rest assured that your case will be handled with the utmost care and professionalism.

Our Atchison County Family Law Attorneys

When it comes to family law, Mike Taylor stands out as an exceptional trial attorney in Missouri. With his extensive knowledge and experience in the field, Mike has established himself as a trusted authority. His expertise is widely recognized, as evidenced by his authorship of three chapters in the prestigious Missouri Bar Foundation’s two-volume Family Law Desk Book set.
Mike’s exceptional legal acumen has earned him accolades from esteemed organizations such as the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, Super Lawyers, and the National Academy of Family Law Attorneys. This recognition further underscores his dedication and commitment to providing outstanding legal representation to clients facing family law matters.

We are privileged to have Suzy Ware and Teresa Wright as esteemed members of our firm, serving as dedicated family law paralegals with an impressive combined experience of over 25 years. Their vast knowledge and expertise make them invaluable assets to our team, providing exceptional support to our clients and attorneys in all case and trial preparation aspects. With their meticulous attention to detail and extensive experience, Suzy and Teresa have made a profound impact on the countless clients they have guided through the complexities of their divorce proceedings. Their unwavering commitment to excellence and client satisfaction sets them apart, ensuring that our clients receive the utmost care and assistance throughout their legal journey. Our whole team of Atchison County family law lawyers is ready to help you and your family navigate this difficult time.

Choosing Taylor Siemens, Elliot, Creedy, & Lyle P.C.

When you choose Taylor, Siemens, Elliott, Creedy, & Lyle P.C., you can have confidence that our entire team of Atchison County family law attorneys will tirelessly advocate for the protection of your family. We understand the importance of your legal needs and are committed to approaching your case with the highest level of care and professionalism. With our unwavering support and diligent efforts, we will work tirelessly to achieve a positive resolution that safeguards the well-being of your loved ones. Your family’s interests and needs will always be at the forefront of our approach, and we will guide you through the complexities of the legal process with empathy and expertise.

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We are honored to be your dedicated allies on your family law journey. Trust us to provide the guidance, support, and legal representation you need to navigate the challenges and achieve a positive outcome. Your family’s future is our priority, and we are here to stand by your side every step of the way. Contact us today to speak with wise legal counsel.