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Platte County DWI AttorneyConfronting a DWI charge in Missouri can be daunting and overwhelming. It not only threatens your personal freedom and financial stability, but it also puts your driving rights at risk before any conviction. In such demanding scenarios, it’s essential to respond quickly and seek advice from our proficient Platte County DWI attorney.

At Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C., we comprehend the seriousness of your situation and the potential repercussions of a DWI conviction. With a collective experience of over 130 years, our dedicated team of Missouri DWI lawyers is committed to offering the expert legal counsel you require during this challenging period.

We firmly uphold everyone’s right to a robust defense, and our objective is to aid you in reducing the negative consequences of a DWI charge on your life. By procuring competent legal representation, we can collaboratively work to lessen the detrimental impact on your driving privileges and criminal record.

DWI Laws in Missouri

Missouri law forbids driving a vehicle while under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Legally, a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of 0.08% or above is deemed intoxication. Any driver surpassing this limit can be accused of driving while intoxicated (DWI).

The implications of a DWI conviction in Missouri are varied, encompassing fines, license suspension, mandatory participation in drug education or treatment programs, and possible incarceration. The intensity of these penalties fluctuates based on elements such as the driver’s BAC level, prior DWI convictions, and any injuries or property damage resulting from their impaired driving. Additionally, under Missouri’s implied consent law, drivers suspected of DWI must submit to a chemical test (breath, blood, or urine) to determine their BAC. Non-compliance with this test can result in an immediate suspension of the driver’s license.

According to legislation enacted in 2010, drivers found with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) level of .16% or more face stricter punishments if convicted of a DWI. These penalties include restricted opportunities to acquire a limited license, obligatory regular alcohol tests, and the requirement to complete a court-ordered substance abuse treatment program.

If you’re confronted with a DWI charge and your BAC was .16% or more, we stand prepared to assist you in exploring your legal options. Our Platte County DWI team is dedicated to providing top-notch service to our clients and fiercely defending your rights.

First-Time Offenders Vs. Multiple Offenses

Confronting a DWI conviction can result in serious repercussions, and it’s strongly advised not to face this dilemma alone. If you’re accused of your first DWI offense and convicted, there’s a significant probability of receiving a 90-day suspension of your driver’s license. Moreover, depending on your blood alcohol level and the unique details of your case, you may be required to serve time in jail.

For individuals with previous DWI convictions, the penalties rise sharply, potentially leading to a license suspension for five to ten years, hefty fines, and potential incarceration. If the offense is categorized as a felony, the outcomes might include prison time in addition to fines and jail time. Don’t hesitate to contact us for dependable and skilled representation if you’re dealing with a DWI conviction. The dedicated Platte County DWI attorneys at Taylor Siemens Elliott Creedy & Lyle P.C. in Platte County vow to advocate relentlessly on your behalf.

Reclaiming Your Driving Rights

Despite a DWI conviction, there exist potential pathways for you to regain your driving privileges. Our seasoned attorneys are skilled at probing these options and devising the most appropriate strategy tailored to your unique situation. We specialize in numerous fields including SR-22 insurance, reinstatement fees, restricted driving permissions, substance abuse traffic offender programs, and ignition interlock devices, among others.

Experts In DWI Cases

Our proficient team of Platte County DWI lawyers includes Logan Taylor, a former prosecutor, who is ready to fight for you, irrespective of the intricacy of your case. With a track record of prosecuting thousands of misdemeanor and felony cases, including various degrees of DWIs, Logan contributes a vast wealth of legal knowledge to matters related to DWI charges.

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