Vacation Without the Kids

Vacation season is in full swing, and many families will be traveling together to places near and far.  But what about those trips you take without the kids, a nice getaway with the just the adults?  While you have planned for the children’s care while you are gone, do you know what will happen if there is an emergency?  Will your child be able to obtain medical treatment if something happens while you are on vacation?

To obtain medical treatment, consent on behalf of a minor child must be given by the child’s legal guardian.  In an emergency, you do not want medical attention for your children delayed while those caring for your children attempt to reach you for consent.

To combat this problem, the guardian of a minor child can sign a limited power of attorney, authorizing someone else to consent to care for the child.  This limited power of attorney is limited in time and in what authority is given to the named individual.  It can provide great peace of mind for parents while they are away from their children.

Before you leave on your next trip, contact the attorneys at Murphy, Taylor, Siemens & Elliott regarding the need for a limited power of attorney for you children.

Authored by: Lindsey Holcumbrink